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Tailored solutions envisaging client's requirements whilst adopting market's latest metal fabrication techniques and materials.


Realistic project estimations. Keeping client in the loop about ongoing progress and should there be any further input required


Reinforce and secure your premises and perimeter. A chain will always be as strong as it’s weakest link, never overlook a side entrance / back door, or that small window


Assurance in using modern manufacturing techniques, together with directly imported sheet metal ensuring it is of required specification


Apart from the conventional list of services offered, we also excel in coming up with innovative solutions for existing bottlenecks in a project. Extending further, by offering repair service where appropriate to any existing metal structures

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About General Metal Works

Cherishing what our customer love
Everything your premises requires with regards to security, reinforcement, revamp or just that stylish touch of polished or brushed metal

General Metal Works is a metal fabrication company located in Zabbar, Malta (Europe). It's mission is one of providing both the local and overseas markets, manufacturing solutions ranging from commercial and domestic metal work solutions (wrought iron, stainless steel, cast iron, and more). General metal works has always been remarked and distinguished by it's intent of enforcing security, providing timely solutions, referencing it's products with international standards and boast strong customer relations. Our company has been ever-growing for the last twenty-eight years, in which clients demands have always been on the increase contributing to the company's relocation into expanding it's premises over the past years. General Metal Works is made up of strategically selected multi-skilled trades men and owned by Mr.Raymond Mercieca who holds an extensive experience within the steel industry, whilst improving the company's services and extending it's technologies thanks to the combined vast experience within the field. General Metal Works have worked hard to earn it's current reputation and the quality conformance through continuous testing using latest fabrication techniques to tailor it's services as per the project's requirements. Main services requested by local market : Wrought Iron Works , hand railings (puggaman tal hadid) , both spiral staircase (garigor tal hadid) and conventional staircases, pregnant windows, iron windows / security windows (tieqa tal hadid), balconies (gallarija tal hadid), gates (rixtellu / grada tal hadid)and security gates, garage doors, shutters, customised boat carriers complete with tow bars (karru tad daghjsa), industrial and domestic chimneys (cumnija) in various finishes, fire doors, full stainless steel catering equipment and rooms (kitchens / walk-in refrigeration / bars / trolleys / food delivery vehicles / shelvings) (xkaffar tal hadid), stainless steel text/ names / headings, stainless steel skirting and decorative designs, sheds, general iron repairs and other services as per request.

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